A message to our supporters

We represent the community of dreamers and creatives that plant the seed for the next generation to come. By supporting our brand you have chosen to "Do More Than Just Exist." You have chosen to be a part of something greater by pushing the culture forward and changing the narrative to stands for something bigger than self. With each release, proceeds are donated to individuals in need, charities or special causes. So not only will you purchase quality pieces, but you will also help generate camaraderie within our communities. Now, enjoy your new piece and rock it proudly because it is an outward expression of who you truly are; An Influential Individual. Thank you for your support!

Influence the world

The name Influential Individuals was inspired by our desire to promote individuality & self-worth. Regardless of your race, gender or age, we all have the power to be Influential & make an impact on this world. Parents influence their children, teachers influence their students, peers influence peers etc, and our clothing is that message to the world.Β 

Black owned

We are a Black owned streetwear brand that demonstrates empowerment through design & fashion

Black Lives Matter

Premium Fabrics With Purpose

From the soul, each piece is created with pure intent and purpose. Each garment is handcrafted and manufactured from premium cut and sew fabrics.

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